Earth Angel with a Green Card

One Mexican Woman’s Journey of Faith, Hope, and Dreams to Join her Children in the USA

Earth Angel with a Green Card is the true story of the author’s mother who spent her life in service to others, especially her children. During her modest early life in rural Mexico, she bore 11 children, whom she raised with very few resources. She also acted as a nurse for her medical practitioner husband. When the author emigrated to the USA at the age of 9½, it broke her heart, but through her faith, hope, and dreams, she joined him and other members of the family several years later. Her work-ethic, love, and faith inspired her children and many others to live fulfilling and happy lives.

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Dr. Edgar Hernandez

In this heartwarming memoir, Dr. Hernandez lovingly captures the spirit of his mother, known to all as Nena, who guided and inspired not only the arc of his life, but also the lives of hundreds of others who had the good fortune to come into her circle of friends.

The story starts out with Nena’s upbringing in rural Mexico, where she met her future husband, a tortured but talented soul who was a gifted healer. She became his medical assistant during their life together as she bore 11 children and also became a leader in the small coastal village where they lived. Despite having few resources, she nevertheless encouraged and inspired all her children to succeed, especially Edgar who had a burning desire from a young age to become an American surgeon. When the opportunity came for him to move to the USA at age 9 1/2, she encouraged his move even though it would be painful for her to be separated from him. However, she was able to follow him to the USA several years later, and in the USA, she constantly helped others in need. This is a beautiful story of family, faith, and hard work.

The Hernandez Family
A young Edgar Hernandez (bottom left) pictured with his mother Nena, three sisters and two cousins
Earth Angel with a Green Card

Earth Angel with a Green Card is an inspiring tribute to a selfless mother who gave everything for the well-being and success of her family, friends, and anyone she found in dire circumstances. Dr. Hernandez skillfully shares heartfelt stories from his mother’s life, weaving the present with the past, engaging the reader from the first page. Profound and moving, I was personally touched by Nena’s pure, unconditional love for all humanity, her vigilance in teaching and caring for her family, and her faith and devotion to God. If everyone followed this valiant woman’s example, our world would be a better place.
Claudia Bretzing, Author, The Cancer Effect

Dr. Edgar Hernandez expertly depicts the love and close-knit family ties he and his siblings had with their mother, Magdalena “Nena” Hernandez. The reader gets a glimpse into the rural Mexican culture from cooking to customs to the livelihood of the people. Then, the challenges of living in an inner-city neighborhood in the USA are shared and eventually overcome. In our current world, her practices would benefit us all and make our world a better place. Earth Angel with a Green Card is a tribute to Nena as well as to all mothers who continually give and nourish their children. Nena lives on in her Earth Angels. I know one of them. His name is Dr. Edgar Hernandez!
Gretchen A. Boyer, Ed.D.

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