On the Border of a Dream

One Mexican Boy’s Journey to Become an American Surgeon

On the Border of a Dream is an eye-opening and uplifting memoir that tells the true story of a boy from rural Mexico who, at a young age, sets his mind to becoming a pioneering surgeon in the USA. The memoir follows Edgar Hernandez, first with his tight-knit family as an adolescent in Mexico and then as he journeys to the USA to pursue his dream.

In today’s hotly contested political environment this book is poignant and pertinent as it offers a different view of the immigration debate. This book is written through the eyes of an “innocent child” which is a group we forget about when we choose to close our borders. It’s descriptive writing makes the reader feel the tension that young Edgar endured as a child being chased by La Migra while illegally in the U.S. and mesmerizes the reader keeping you engaged and eager to understand why at age 10 he went back to Mexico and returned to the US legally a second time at age 11 because even at a young age he wanted to become an American Citizen the legal way.

The Hernandez Family
A young Edgar Hernandez (bottom left) pictured with his mother, three sisters and two cousins
Dr. Hernandez in medical school
The soon-to-be Dr. Edgar Hernandez, in his third year of medical school

The author captures the universal experience of every migrant establishing to the reader that hope is not easily extinguishable and that with unrelenting perseverance one can overcome tremendous odds. On the Border of a Dream is a true testament to the goodness of humanity and the integrity of immigrants who seek lives in the USA, not simply to better themselves but to better the American communities that they join as well.

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